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Media Seminars

GMS Media Seminars

TV - Social Media - Radio - Creative Writing - Pitching-Branding

Suellen Roberts
GMS Founder & Chairman

Bob Higley
SVP Business Development
Faith Based Organizations

TV Seminars

Lisa Mouradian
Lisa Mouradian
Director, Inspiration TV
TV Seminar Coordinator

  1. Developing Strategy: Why It’s Important 
    Many times we try to build our strategy around our “to do” list. This is not the most effective way to expand your vision! In this session you will learn to build your to do lists around your strategy giving you a more effective plan for what God has placed in your hand.

  2. Removing Distractions from Your Communication: You Know Your Message– But Does Your Audience?
    Many times we try to cram everything into our message so that people will “hear” everything we want to say. Unfortunately, we crowd out our message with excess “noise.” Learn how to get specific with your message. This session will help you cut through the confusion strategically taking your message to YOUR audience in order to clearly articulate the message God has given you.

Social Media

Yvonne Carlson
Director of Digital Strategy and User Experience
Moody Radio Network

Rockstar Social Media: Standing Out in the Crowd

Join Yvonne Carlson, Director of Digital Strategy and User Experience at the Moody Radio Network, to learn how to stand out in this crowded social media landscape.

Creative Writing

Frank Ball

  1. Creative Writing Part I 
    The seven most-essential plot elements, writing dynamic dialogue, engaging readers with deep point of view, suspense and the ticking time bomb, and making your message matter.

  2. Creative Writing Part II 
    The classic writing style that made some of the bestselling novels of their day aren’t the best approach to engaging our audiences today. Readers want to be part of the action as a participant, not an observer. Learn how to make descriptions so real that a picture of rain will have readers looking for their umbrellas.

Branding and Marketing

Terri Podlenski
Brand Architect & Marketing Strategist

Get Noticed by Design…Not by Chance! 
The Keys to Building a Standout Brand

Does your marketing make people’s ears perk up and pay attention? Not just anyone, but the ones you LOVE to work with and serve? When they land on your website, read your content, hear you speak or have a conversation with you, do they feel like you’re exactly who they’ve been looking for? If not, then it’s time to learn how to escape the “Best Kept Secret” syndrome and build a business or ministry you love that makes a difference, makes money and magnifies God.