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Lisa Mouradian

Lisa Mouradian



Lisa Mouradian has worked in various roles at Inspiration Ministries since 2005, including oversight for the Global Media Training Institute (GMTI). In these trainings, nationals from countries around the world learned how to effectively reach their community, their country and even the world with the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ through media.

In 2012, Lisa assumed the responsibilities for overhauling and running the global television network, Inspiration Networks International (Now Inspiration TV).

Inspiration TV continues to advance and grow in distribution and quality content. The network is unique offering a variety of programming from around the world dealing with real issues in a real way and is focused on meeting the needs of believers where they are.
More than 2 million people have come to a saving knowledge of Christ in the past year through the ministry efforts and Inspiration TV is committed to continued salvation and discipleship efforts.

Lisa sees her role with Inspiration TV as a fulfillment of her call to reach the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and strongly believes in that since God gives us excellence – how can we give Him anything less?