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Media Seminars 2017

Television Track

Bob Higley, CEO Upliftv Coordinator - Television Track

bob_higley_190Discover how to take your message further and broader and light up the airways with the truth and power of God’s word. Learn what it takes to develop and produce your own show as well as the latest in broadcast technology. Hear industry experts share their wisdom and experience to help you make the most of your message over the airways. Moderator: Bob Higley

Each track will consist of 4 seminars on the topic


  1. Using Global TV to Broadcast a Global Media Message — Friday, 1:15pm-2:30pm, Pecos 1
    Global Network executives from America, Asia, Africa, and more share how to get distribution of TV shows to reach a global audience from traditional TV to TV everywhere.
    Moderator: Bob Higley, CEO, Upliftv 
    Speakers: Michael Solomon – CEO, Truli
    Paul Crouch Jr, President, PJ Video LLC
    Andre Roebert, CEO, Faith Broadcasting

  2. Funding and Producing a TV Show from Idea to On-air — Friday, 2:45pm-4:00pm, Pecos 1
    Panelists share real life experiences regarding getting their TV shows written, produced, funded, and distributed to a television audience.
    Moderator: Janee Hill, Executive Producer and Host, Janee Hill Show
    Panelists: Angela Hutchinson, Host, Proverbs 31 Moms
    Wesley Riojas, Owner & Senior Creative Director, Wes Riojas Creative Agency
    Pepper Pierson, Freelance Christian Media Production Consultant 

  3. TV Executives Reveal insights on Getting TV Shows on National TV — Saturday, 1:15pm-2:30pm, Pecos 1
    National TV network executives share the insider details on the decision making process on how they choose from a multitude of shows those that get on national television.
    Moderator: Tracey Mitchell, President, Tracey Mitchell Ministries
    Panelists: Holly McClure, Executive Producer & Founder, McClure Productions
    Mark Solow, VP Programming, Upliftv
    Lisa Mouradian, Director, Inspiration TV

  4. How to Engage TV Viewers and Obtain Better Ratings — Saturday, 2:45pm-4:00pm, Pecos 1
    If you have your own TV show or you’re thinking of producing one, let us show you how to keep your audience engaged and tuned in, and drive your ratings higher.
    Moderator: Joan Higley, Producer, Upliftv
    Panelists: Wendie Pett, Host, Visibly Fit
    Joshua Weiss, Producer/Editor, IBN
    Kimberly Bliquez, Producer/Actress, Reel Life Productions

Film Track

Rick Garside, Producer Side by Side Films, Coordinator - Film Track

rick_garside_190Break through the darkness with a powerful message of light on the big screen. With the help of film industry experts, you will learn the latest information from casting to production to distribution.  No matter where you are on your film project, you will find practical and pertinent information to produce it with excellence. Moderator: Rick Garside

Each track will consist of 4 seminars on the topic



  1. Writing Your First Film Script — Friday, 1:15pm-2:30pm, Yellow Rose Ballroom
    Are you a writer? Maybe you’ve published several books and always wanted to write a film script but just don’t know where to start. This seminar is custom made just for you.
    Panelists: Rick Garside, Mark Haville

  2. Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Producing — Friday, 2:45pm-4:00pm, Yellow Rose Ballroom
    What Hollywood knows that Christian producers need to know. Are you working on a film project? Wonder what SAG means? Aren’t sure how to best put your business plan together? Have questions about the production process? Then you can’t afford to miss this chance to ‘Ask The Experts’. Rick Garside will moderate this panel focused on helping you to walk away with the info you need to take your project to the next step.
    Moderator: Rick Garside
    Panelists: Chad Gundersen, Chris Juen

  3. What’s Trending in Film Media 2017 — Saturday, 1:15pm-2:30pm, Yellow Rose Ballroom
    And how do you prepare for the next steps in your filmmaking journey?
    The film industry is changing as fast as technology in the 21st century. Come find out how to navigate the current trends, International Distribution, new review streams and other important strategies.
    Moderator: Rick Garside
    Panelists: Mark Haville, Cris Krusen, Robert Fernandez

  4. The Influence of Hollywood: Understanding and Engaging Culture Without Selling Out! — Saturday, 2:45pm-4:00pm, Yellow Rose Ballroom
    While explicitly “Christian” media is important, using our creative gifts to reach today’s secular culture is critical. But how can we position ourselves to make an impact in secular media without negative consequences? How can we be involved in projects that the culture at large will embrace? What should we know about Hollywood and secular media that will help us stay relevant and able to engage our culture more effectively?
       · Moving outside our Christian “bubble”
       · Being relevant and still living in truth
       · Working within harsh realities of secular media
    Presenter: Kathleen Cooke

Radio Track

Carol Swain, Be The People, Coordinator - Radio Track

Radio is alive and well. Bigger and better than ever, radio is one of the most effective ways to broadcast your message in the U.S. and internationally. Learn from top media professionals about the latest trends in radio. Find out the best avenues for programming and the dos and don’ts of radio podcasting.

Each track will consist of 4 seminars on the topic



  1. Making an Impact Through Radio — Friday, 1:15pm–2:30pm, Pecos 2
    Radio is an intensely personal medium, and over the past decade or so, it has gone from the hands of a few terrestrial broadcasters to a global platform that can be created and enjoyed by anyone! Learn from these experts how you can get started creating your own successful radio program.
    Moderator: Ron Harris, President, Media Alliance
    Panelist: Carol Swain, Be the People Radio Program
    Wendy Torres, Matters of the Heart Radio Program
    Sue Detweiler, Healing Rain Radio Program

  2. Off of the Stage and into the World — Friday, 2:45pm-4:00pm, Pecos 2
    Technology can transform your ministry from locally to globally through the Internet. If your ministry has not considered going global they should. This session will cover the many technical, personnel, strategic considerations needed to make a life changing experience for those joining you in the virtual marketplace.
    Speaker: Yvonne Carlson, Information Technology and Services, First Baptist Church Dallas

  3. Surviving the Rip Tide of Change — Saturday, 1:15pm–2:30pm, Pecos 2
    Adapting to change in the media landscape is never easy. Shifting culture, staff communication, and changing government regulations are difficult enough to navigate. But what if these factors come to bear on a broadcast organization at once? Hear the real life story of media leader Enkelejda Shelburne as she relates how her faith kept her grounded and broadcasting during a time of crisis that few could imagine.
    Speakers: Enkelejda Shelburne & Jonita Kumaraku, Founder and Co-Owner, Media 7 Albania
    Carol Swain, Be the People Radio Program

  4. Who is your Listener? — Saturday, 2:45pm–4:00pm, Pecos 2
    Radio is all about relationship, but in a saturated audio market, creating meaningful relationships with listeners has never been more challenging. In this session you’ll discover how customized research can provide your radio organization with specific, actionable information to cultivate highly engaged fans.
    Moderator: Dr. Jennifer Hayden Epperson, EdD., Director of Research and Learning, Moody Radio

Advanced Writers Track

Steve Laube, The Steve Laube Agency, Coordinator - Advanced Writers Track

steve_laube_190The well written word is a powerful force in our society. Learn advanced tools and expert tips to get more of your work published, as well as the marketing and media elements that go along with being a prominent author. This track has two advanced seminars for those who have a platform and want advice from one of the top experts in the Christian writer’s market. Instructor:Steve Laube, Christian Literary Agent

Each track will consist of 2 advanced seminars on the topic:


  1. What It Takes to Get a Traditional Book Contract — Friday, 2:45pm-4:00pm, Pecos 4
    An exploration of the elements of a great book proposal and the type of platform that is attractive to the major publishers.

  2. The 10 K’s of a Good Book: Or how you can earn 10K on your next one — Saturday, 2:45pm-4:00pm, Pecos 4
    What are the elements of a good book? What makes one accepted and another rejected? A look at some common things found in all successful books.

Beginner Writers Track

Frank Ball, Founder of Story Help Groups, Coordinator - Beginner Writers Track

frank_ball_190An essential part to publishing success is knowing how to start strong and stay strong along the challenging writer’s journey. This track has two information-filled seminars focused on helping aspiring writers and those who could use more help on the basics. Instructor: Frank Ball, Advanced Writer and Founder of Story Help Groups

Each track will consist of 2 beginner seminars on the topic



  1. Pleasure, Perils, and Pitfalls: A Success Map for Beginning Writers — Friday, 1:15pm-2:30pm, Pecos 4
    Writing, publication, and marketing can be as challenging as a climb to the peak of Mount Everest. With your life at stake, you want these tips to take the right steps and avoid disaster.

  2. Hold Your Audience Hostage: How to Make Your Message Meaningful — Saturday, 1:15pm-2:30pm, Pecos 4
    Out of the millions of books sold, a huge percentage are never read. Since a Christian writer’s success depends on the message, not the money, you need to know the seven basic elements that are essential to captivate readers.

Marketing Track

Cheryl Wicker, Founder & CEO, Amplified Series, Coordinator - Marketing Track

cherylwicke_190Come get empowered to take on the multi-faceted world of digital marketing. Learn how to grow your audience and get maximum exposure and sales. You can be a light in the darkness by utilizing the hottest marketing trends in branding, PR, online marketing and more to get your message out there! Moderator: Cheryl Wicker

Each track will consist of 4 seminars on the topic



  1. Leveraging the Media for Free Exposure, Credibility and Sales — Friday, 1:15pm-2:30pm, Pecos 3
    Ready to get your message out about a new ministry, product, event or other brand but not sure where to start? In this workshop, PR coach Cheryl Wicker will show you tricks of the trade she uses in her own agency so you can get maximum exposure for a minimum budget. Here’s what you will learn: 
    • The #1 reason your brand may remain unknown…even after spending thousands of dollars on publicity, and how to ensure you don’t make this mistake yourself!
    • The top 5 DIY PR strategies to get free media exposure, even if you have a zero budget!
    • How your pitch can stand out in a journalist’s busy inbox to garner the media exposure you need in order to reach a larger audience.
    • How to decide if you’re ready to take on your own PR or whether to hire an agency or a freelancer.

    You will learn this and more!  You will get takeaways from this workshop that you can begin implementing immediately so you don’t miss out on the press you deserve—gaining credibility for your brand and boosting sales!
    Speaker: Cheryl Wicker, Founder & CEO, Amplified Series

  2. Defining Your Personal Identity — Friday, 2:45pm-4:00pm, Pecos 3
    In this workshop, branding expert Benjamin Dane Robinson uncovers the 5 secrets to a successful brand and the 5 must-haves to solidify your image. Branding is crucial in a competitive industry. One false move could cost you sales and your place in the market. Don’t miss this exhilarating look at branding, whether for a personality, product or company. Learn cutting edge techniques firsthand from the CEO of the 2016 Best Innovative Design Firm (Robinson Creative).
    Speaker: Benjamin Dane Robinson, Founder & President, Robinson Creative Inc.

  3. Make YOUR Media Interviews Great Again! — Saturday, 1:15pm-2:30pm, Pecos 3
    Many media professionals with a great story find themselves fearful or less than confident in the face of media interviews, despite their good communication skills and strong story-telling ability. This Media Interview Training workshop by two seasoned PR counselors will focus on tools and techniques you can use in any interview situation. You will learn how to maximize exposure, establish your position, and project your message over the media narrative by approaching interviews as conversation rather than confrontation, and taking control of the interview by answering questions on your terms, not necessarily in the way they are asked.
    Speakers: Larry Ross & Kristin Cole, A. Larry Ross Communications

  4. Building a Strategic Foundation to Catapult Your Brand — Saturday, 2:45pm-4:00pm, Pecos 3
    Marketing experts will discuss the essential elements of an effective marketing campaign – from developing a marketing and branding strategy to PR, social media and more. Also, learn how to quickly build a substantial audience that leads to loyal customers.
    Speaker: Cheryl Wicker, Founder & CEO, Amplified Series
    Panelists: Benjamin Dane Robinson, Founder & President, Robinson Creative Inc.
    Suzanne Niles, Director of Relationship Development, Broad Street Publishing
    J Loren Norris, International Leadership Speaker, TV Host & Author Meet the Messenger & Tell It Like It IS TV
    Robin Bertram, TV Host Author & Speaker, Robin Bertram Ministries