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Ellie Brown

Ellie Brown


Ellie Brown, known as ‘EllieB,’ is the Founder and Executive Producer of EllieB Block Party Productions (EBBP) and its nonprofit division, Holy Boldness Ministries. She is a recognized visionary and powerful force for inspiration and teaching. She is survivor, entrepreneur, entertainer, and grandmother of five.

EBBP is a globally recognized media promotion and production company specializing in public relations and marketing for authors, interview multimedia broadcast talent, and humanitarian causes. EBBP mission is service-to-others with emphasis on veterans rescue, stop human trafficking, and halting the opioid epidemic.

Before launching EBBP in 2014, Ellie Brown had a three-decade successful career as a public relations specialist, producer, and broadcaster in television and radio. She spent much of her professional life working with people battling addiction with special emphasis on adolescent addiction, gangs, eating disorders and violence prevention.