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kathy_green_2019Kathy Green
Media Seminar Coordinator

Saturday, June 29, 2019

There are 6 educational media seminars. The seminars will all take place simultaneously at the times listed below. Please choose a seminar in each time slot in any of the tracks.

Television Track - 1:00PM-2:15PM and 2:30PM-3:45PM - Studio

Bob Higley
CEO Upliftv
Television Track  Coordinator

Ellie Brown
EllieB Block Party Productions
Television Track

Chip Pettit
CPDC Solutions
Television Track

Lisa Mouradian
Inspiration Ministries
Television Track Coordinator

Joshua Weiss
International Broadcasting Network
Television Track

Vanelle Hogan
Television Track

The television landscape is changing drastically therefore opening the door for ministries everywhere. Whether you have just started producing a show, are interested in producing a show, or if you have been a content provider for years, these sessions are for you! Learn what media experts have discovered in the following two TV Sessions:

Session 1
The Ever-Changing Face of Broadcast

Television Broadcast, Streaming Platforms, Facebook, YouTube, SVOD, AVOD, TVOD, etc. etc. and etc. All of these choices – what do I do with the message God has laid on my heart.

Join Bob Higley (Upliftv) and Lisa Mouradian (Inspiration TV) with panelists Chip Pettit, Joshua Weiss, Vanelle Hogan and Ellie B. Brown as they share the power of broadcast and how to – Avoid mistake – Find your best platform(s) and Hone in on your niche and community in this big space.

Session 2
Story and your Brand

Do you truly understand the importance of story, marketing and branding in broadcast… or even in life?

Join Bob Higley (Upliftv) and Lisa Mouradian (Inspiration TV) with panelists Joshua Weiss, Vanelle Hogan, Chip Pettit, and Ellie B. Brown as they share examples of success, failure, and near failure then give insights on what to look out for as you build or grow your ministry and brand.

Film Track - 1:00PM-2:15PM and 2:30PM-3:45PM - Main Conference Room

Wes and Amanda Llewellyn
4L Films
Film Track Coordinators

Benjamin Dane
Actor, Producer
Vice President GMS

Telling the Morality Tale
You have a book…now what?

You spent all of this time living your life, experiencing the intervention of the Lord in miraculous ways. You have seen miracles and amazing provision and healing happen in your life and you want to share this with the world in a book. You toiled away, writing and rewriting, getting friends and family to read it, getting a publisher and now, you have your finished product in your hands… Now what?

The next big question is…”Is this a movie?” Well, that depends! Sometimes “yes” and sometimes “no.” But how do YOU know?

Most Christian films are “Morality Tales.” Many people think of them as “old fashioned” but are they? “Breaking Bad” is one example of a morality tale told about the sin of pride in a devastating and well written hard-hitting story as a television series but “It’s A Wonderful Life” is also a morality tale.

Your story may have some of the elements needed to tell a compelling story in a movie but what are the elements that you need to do that?

Award winning filmmakers, Wes and Amanda Llewellyn (The Moment After I, II, It’s Supernatural) have discovered what those elements are and can help to get you on your way to turning YOUR story into one of the most “tried and true” story telling formats, “The Morality Tale.” Join us for our seminar at Global Media Summit! …And ACTION!

Servant Leadership in Tribe Hollywood
The second seminar, “Servant Leadership in Tribe Hollywood”, will explain how servant leadership can transform a film set. Wes, Amanda and Ben will also look at the balance of being a strong leader, getting things done, while still maintaining an attitude of loving care. How does your Christian walk look to others when you are working on a project or someone else’s? In a faith-based film or a secular one, whatever your position, how can you operate with excellence as well as witness for Christ while working in the industry, even with co-workers who don’t like you because of your faith?  Whether you are a producer, writer, director or actor, this will be an inspirational and informative seminar!

Advanced Writing & Publishing Track - 1:00PM-2:15PM AND 2:30PM-3:45PM - Class Room

Kim Crabill
Advanced Writing Track Coordinator

Bill Watkins
Advanced Writing Track Cordinator

Do you want to go to the next level in your writing? Then consider attending the Advanced Writing and Publishing Track at the Global Media Summit. This year’s seminars will be led by accomplished writing professionals, Bill Watkins, an award-winning author and Senior Editor for Broadstreet Publishing, and Kim Crabill, a best-selling author and speaker as well as founder of Roses and Rainbows Ministries.

Today’s Publishing Realities
— If you want to find a publishing home for your book idea, you need to understand some essentials about the publishing world and how you and your idea might fit into it. We’ll talk about the two main markets, where religious books fit in, the three types of publishing, and what authors need to be successful in publishing today. And we’ll take your questions and provide answers you can use.

“Christians Are Hateful”: The Cultural Challenge for Today’s Christian Communicators
— Why does our culture increasingly hear Christian beliefs as hate speech? How can we connect with people who are predisposed against us? The cultural challenge is great, but we can break through. Find out how.

Kim Crabill will share the secrets she’s learned that will help your manuscript stand out from the others. She will help you make your writing ready for a publisher’s preview and then get your story to the bookshelves!

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