Media Seminars

kathy_green_2019Kathy Green
Media Seminar Coordinator

Saturday, June 29, 2019

There are 6 educational media seminars. The seminars will all take place simultaneously at the times listed below. Please choose a seminar in each time slot in any of the tracks.

Television Track - 1:00PM-2:15PM and 2:30PM-3:45PM - Studio

Bob Higley
CEO Upliftv
Television Track  Coordinator

Lisa Mouradian
Inspiration Ministries
Television Track Coordinator

Discover how to take your message further and broader and light up the airways with the truth and power of God’s word. Learn what it takes to develop and produce your own show as well as the latest in broadcast technology. Hear industry experts share their wisdom and experience to help you make the most of your message over the airways.

Film Track - 1:00PM-2:15PM and 2:30PM-3:45PM - Main Conference Room

Wes and Amanda Llewellyn
4L Films
Film Track Coordinators

Break through the darkness with a powerful message of light on the big screen. With the help of film industry experts, you will learn the latest information from casting to production to distribution.  No matter where you are on your film project, you will find practical and pertinent information to produce it with excellence.

Advanced Writing & Publishing Track - 1:00PM-2:15PM AND 2:30PM-3:45PM - Class Room

Kim Crabill
Advanced Writing Track Coordinator

Bill Watkins
Advanced Writing Track Cordinator

Do you want to go to the next level in your writing? Then consider attending the Advanced Writing and Publishing Track at the Global Media Summit. This year’s seminar will be led by accomplished writing professionals, Bill Watkins, an award-winning author and Senior Editor for Broadstreet Publishing, and Kim Crabill, a best-selling author and speaker as well as founder of Roses and Rainbows Ministries. In this seminar, Watkins will discuss the changes in publishing as well as the marketplace over the last twenty years. Watkins will show that while the hostility toward Christians has increased, the need for good and great books from Christians is even greater than it has ever been before. Watkins will explain these changes and provide insight into how Christians can rise to the challenge to produce books that will meet people’s needs. 

Kim Crabill will share the secrets she’s learned that will help your manuscript stand out from the others. She will help you make your writing ready for a publisher’s preview and then get your story to the bookshelves!

In addition to his work at Broadstreet Publishing, Bill Watkins is also the Founder and President of Literary Solutions. Watkins himself has written eight books, twenty-three study guides and more than one hundred-eighty other pieces of writing. He has worked with a number of well-known people including former governor of Arkansas, Mike Huckabee, former U.S. Secretary of Education, William Bennett, ministry leader, Chuck Swindoll, Christian apologist Josh McDowell and sports figures like former Washington Redskins coach, Joe Gibbs and former Chicago Bears standout Mike Singletary. Watkins is an expert on everything from developmental and substantive editing to manuscript evaluation and publishing.